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A department that aims to achieve an efficient and speedy resolution to disputes based on giving sensible, commercial advice.

Many teams have an ability to determine the core issues of each claim at speed, and to plan a clear strategy that results in a commercial benefit for clients. Wherever possible (with our help) try and avoid the disruption and cost of litigation. Where, however, court proceedings are necessary they will pursue them to try and achieve clients’ objectives.

Each claim has different challenges which they meet head on in an innovative and forward thinking manner.

We keep our knowledge and skill set up to date through effective training on current legislation and law and procedure.

With a mix of skilled negotiators and pre-emptive action companies ensure their clients receive measured and satisfactory results.

Typically, businesses cover most litigation areas, in particular (but not exhaustive):

· Non-payment (for goods, professional services, building work, unpaid rent or property purchases)
· Unsatisfactory quality of goods, professional services
· Breaches of obligations – in lease or tenancy agreements or in general commercial agreements
· Injunctions
· Employment disputes – unfair dismissal, discrimination (racial, sexual, religious or other), restrictive covenants
· Enforcing Court judgements in favour of the client
· Insolvency proceedings
· Construction Litigation
· Commercial disputes
· Property disputes
· Landlord and Tenant disputes
Debt Recovery

A computerised Debt Recovery Unit is recognised is one of the market leaders in the field of bulk collections for commercial clients.  As one of the largest issuers of proceedings in the West London County court the unit deals with the recovery of millions of pounds of debt on an annual basis.

Solicitors highly efficient system aims to provide a speedy and cost-effective service to clients, leading to the early recovery of debts. The high volume of commercial debts dealt with by the unit means that the cost is limited to a fixed fee per case based on scale costs.

In addition to issuing proceedings out of the West London Court we also issue Statutory Demands, winding-up and bankruptcy petitions for debts over £750. The cost of insolvency proceedings tends to be higher than the cost of litigation.  The devastating effect on a debtor, however, of a successful petition usually ensures rapid results.

Should an action be defended, we utilise the expertise of our litigation department. In these circumstances, we revert to the usual client/time recorded basis.  Hourly rates vary depending on the complexity of the action and the staff member assigned to deal with the matter.

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